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It’s rewarding to be part of a team who takes pride in their work!
HBI Construction is one of the best contractors we have worked with. We look forward to getting on more HBI projects as we know they’ll run smoothly.
Really helpful and and cooperative. Overall a dedicated workforce. Recommended.
Over the years it’s been a pleasure working with HBI. Everyone collectively seems to operate under a structure that demands a focus on surpassing the highest standards.
Great team to work with!
As our 2 latest projects with HBI Construction came to an end, we were once again reminded of their excellent project leadership and coordination. It is an absolute pleasure to work with them.
Swift, accurate and professional.
Everyone across the HBI team handles each of their professional duties with both efficiency and accuracy.
We have had the pleasure of working with HBI Construction, Inc. over the past 2 years. Estimating, project management, office staff, and field personnel have communicated and been beyond professional.
I feel that when a company has clear goals, expectations, and a market in the industry they are trying to reach; employees have defined path and can focus on achieving these goals. HBI provides that necessary direction for me which makes it enjoyable to work here. I can focus on developing my abilities while also learning how to build more efficient projects for our clients.
Their safety culture has been a blessing for all on site contractors. We look forward to an ongoing personal and working relationship for many projects in the future.
From the executives, to the project managers, to the administrators: they meet and exceed expectations.
The HBI staff is fast, accurate and attentive.
Their field guys are very organized. We know we are all on the same team and working for the same end goal.
HBI does everything in a friendly, understanding and flexible manner that really makes them all very approachable. This helps to carve a symbiotic path toward success.